Terms and conditions

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1. General conditions

Before signing the contract the client is asked to carefully read the terms and conditions specified in the contract and sign it only if it accepted all the points specified in the contract. In order to use the services of rent a car Bucharest should meet existing customer in the lease.

2. Conditions on the customer's age

To qualify for our services the customer must be at least 21 years old and hold a driving license for at least one year. Any accident caused by a driver who was not authorized by the company owner for rent, the client is guilty.

3.1. Conditions on the delivery and return of the car

The vehicle will be delivered to the customer in a good condition without having operational problems or visible defects. Also the delivery vehicle will have a full tank. Any complaint regarding the condition of the car will have to be done before lifting her client. By signing the rental contract a customer agrees to return the vehicle in the state raised him along with his papers and accessories that it raised the rent from the company. The vehicle must be returned on the date, time and place previously established between the two parties. If the customer is late returning the car with less than 3 hours without notifying the company, it has the right to denounce police vehicle theft.

3.2. Conditions on car rental

If the customer is late return of the car less than an hour Otopeni car rental company will charge a late fee. For delays greater than one hour customer will have to pay the equivalent of a day's rent. The company gives the customer the right to request one additional driver. If the period of the lease was an accident while the car was driven by any other driver besides those mentioned in the contract, the company will retain fully guarantee stopped signing the contract. It is considered a day of 24h at pick up rental car. In the rental is not included and fuel. The car is delivered with full tank and must be returned in the same condition. The cars that the company offers for rent are divided into classes. The Company reserves the right to offer her clients a car belonging to a higher class of customer to the car reserved for the same price. For online bookings the company will send the customer an order confirmation voucher by e-mail that the customer has specified an order form. To lift the car the customer must present the voucher received by e-mail.

4. Conditions on car use

If the customer found any damage to the rented vehicle is obliged to notify emergency rental company by phone at (004) 0765 639 692 or via email at: office@dmccars.ro. By signing the contract the customer agrees to drive the car:

  • in accordance with all legal regulations;
  • not carry passengers or loads exceeding the capacity of the car;
  • not to use the rented vehicle to tow or push caravans or other objects of any kind;
  • not to drive the car under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any substance that might affect them in any concentration and driving ability;
  • any malfunction of the car will be repaired only by an authorized RAR on the respective machine type;
  • not to take part in races, competitions or tests of any kind with rented car;
  • if the leaves do not leave car keys in the ignition or windows, doors, open the trunk;
  • to use the car only in accordance with the instructions and recommendations given by the manufacturer;

For violating the conditions of use mentioned above will be liable financially towards the car owner.

5. Conditions regarding payment services

By signing the contract the customer agrees to pay the company:

  • delay the fee specified in the contract;
  • fines obtained from a law violations related to vehicle;
  • a fee of 150 euro following the loss or destruction of car keys or documents thereof;

6. Conditions concerning customer compensation

Owner is not liable for:

  • accidents suffered by the customer or by persons who accompany him;
  • any object forgotten by the client in the rented car;

7. Conditions on casualties, damage, or theft of the car or rent any property belonging firm

Bucharest car rental services beneficiary undertakes to respect and protect the interests of the owner in case of an accident, in case of theft or damage to the vehicle if the unot:

  • rental company announcement immediately after an accident or theft immediately after finding an object belonging to the company;
  • getting numbers, addresses and any relevant details of the parties that were involved in the accident and individuals who were present at the time of the accident;
  • abandoning the car without taking the necessary measures for its security;

What are the documents that must be obtained in case of an accident

The necessary documents will be issued to the nearest police station immediately after the incident. They must contain:

  • Police Report which occur: the signature of the police officer and stamp of the Police station (COMPULSORY: specify whether the client has led or driving under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substances) or TWO APPENDIX to present the insurance company, together with the signature and stamp of the police officer who drafted the document.
  • Repair Authorization with: the signature and stamp of the police officer concerned Police Department.

If the client does not present the above mentioned documents or violated a law in force or has not complied with the requirements of the lease, it is responsible for all damages to the company.

8. Conditions on validity

Any additions or changes to the points specified in the lease will be void if not specified in writing and agreed by both parties.

9. Conditions on jurisdiction

If there is a dispute between the parties on services under these conditions, it will judge the Bucharest Tribunal.

10. Conditions on canceling bookings

If the recipient wants canceling reservations Otopeni car rental services, it will have to announce the company with three (3) days before the day scheduled for lifting the car. If the customer does not meet this condition the company will retain a charge for the rental days.