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By otopeni rent a car, we guarantee our customers safety, speed, comfort and professionalism. We are one of the best companies in this field. In that situation we rent a car? To give you a small example. If you are in a foreign city and want to get in another city, renting a car is a suitable solution for you. Whether you opt for a ride or a business, or your vehicle is not fit for that trip via car rental service otopeni problem can be solved. Before you rent a car, you should read the terms and conditions of the company, which are usually the same for any rental company. There is also the booking stage of the vehicle, where you choose the right machine for you.

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Through otopeni rent a car service, we offer a wide range of vehicles at the best prices. From this collection belong Dacia Logan, Dacia Duster, Peugeot. For a holiday with family or friends recommend Mercedes Vito. So we have machines of the mini class, but class and luxury cars, depending on your budget ready for rent. Because we want every customer to be satisfied with the services, check guarantee every rental vehicle. As one of the leading car rental companies otopeni, we want to respect a high standard of each car, ensuring safety and comfort for you. Therefore, our company is a new concept on the rental market in Romania.