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Our company offers car rental Bucharest rent a car at low prices. We have a large fleet of new vehicles equipped with diesel engines prices. We offer impeccable service to any customer because this is our main asset, and in the car park you will always find the right vehicle for your needs. Due services, we want every customer to be satisfied. We respect any automotive standard, and this produce them so that your feeling to be driving more pleasant one. At the same time, we guarantee comfort, safety and professionalism. Our professional team is one willing to face any challenge. We are among the most important companies offering rental services in Otopeni, available car rental Bucharest Otopeni.

DMCCars - Car Hire Bucharest

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Through the services we offer, you benefit from all the advantages, that guarantees a firm. Due to the variety of machines, it will probably be hard to choose one. Regardless of why the rent, it is about a business or want to spend a vacation, we are here to satisfy your every need. Our representatives are available with any information. So if you have various questions contact our operators at the telephone number on the website. They can advise if they have any difficulties about choosing the vehicle. Our goal is to establish a new concept car rental bucuresti market.