About DMCCars

DMCCars Auto - rent a car bucharest

Our company provides the most secure and reliable cars. Also besides these aspects we guarantee you will receive our support at all times. You will have 24 technical assistance in 24 hours. We want our company bucuresti car rental to offer you the best conditions of rent, which is why we offer the best deals. Now from our company rent a car bucuresti, cars that can be rented for 15 euros per day. The offer is valid for January, February and March. Our team consists only of people with experience and therefore can guarantee the quality of our service to another level. Even if our rates are below market, we want the services we offer to be focused on a single objective, namely customer satisfaction. We want to revolutionize the market rent and therefore we offer these conditions. We are welcome to check our rental terms, to convince you of this situation.

Why DMCCars for car rental Bucharest

There is history in every field of activity and also there is history and in an enterprise in that field. Our car rental company history bucuresti begins in 2012, when a team of specialists in the field have come together to provide unique and quality service. Until a year ago and half our cars were delivered in Bucharest and Otopeni and at that time they can be given anywhere in Ilfov. Our team has put for you and rent a car Otopeni. This means that the car can be delivered at the airport. Besides this our company car rental bucuresti can call at any time for booking a car. If the car is in our list of cars available, then it will be brought to you. The service is used for emergencies.